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Lightning + Electronics

Lightning surges can pose a significant risk to electronics and electrical systems. When a lightning strike occurs, it generates a powerful surge of electrical energy that can travel through power lines, telephone lines, or other conductive pathways. These surges can enter homes or buildings and cause damage to electronic devices connected to power outlets, phone lines, or data cables.

Here are some key points to understand about lightning surges and their effects on electronics:

Power Surges: Lightning strikes can induce power surges in electrical systems. These surges can reach thousands of volts and can overwhelm the delicate circuitry of electronic devices. Power surges can enter through power lines and cause damage to devices connected to outlets, including televisions, computers, routers, and other appliances.

Indirect Strikes: Even if a lightning strike does not directly hit a structure, it can still induce surges in nearby power lines or utility equipment. These surges can propagate through the electrical system and affect connected devices.

Phone and Data Lines: Lightning surges can also travel through telephone lines, coaxial cables, or Ethernet cables connected to electronic devices. This can damage telephones, modems, routers, network switches, and other equipment.

Surge Protection Devices: To safeguard electronics from lightning surges, surge protection devices (SPDs) are commonly used. SPDs are installed at the main electrical panel or at individual outlets to divert excessive voltage away from connected devices. They act as a barrier and redirect the surge to the ground.

Unplugging and Power Strips: During a thunderstorm, it is advisable to unplug sensitive electronic devices from power outlets or use surge-protected power strips. This helps prevent damage in case of a lightning strike or power surge.

Insurance: Homeowners and renters may consider insurance policies that cover lightning damage to electronics and other property. It is important to review the terms and coverage details of such policies to understand the extent of protection provided.

Take these precautions during thunderstorms to ensure no damage is done to your electronics. For more information, you can contact us at 813-770-2521.

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