iPad/Tablet Repair

           Free Diagnostics

Having issues with your iPad or Tablet? Let us check it out for free.


Bring your iPad or Tablet in today for a free assessment on the issues you're experiencing. After the initial diagnostic, you will be given a quote as well as a time frame for the repair.



Not holding a charge? Not charging at all? No power? Relax, we can help you!

No Power. Not Charging.

Not Turning On

We repair a variety of issues associated with your iPad/Tablet not powering up.


- Battery Replacements

- Charge Port Repair

- Motherboard Repair

- Water Damage

Damaged iPad/Tablet

Cracked the screen? No picture showing? Not Producing Sound? Let us fix it!

Screen's And More

We take the highest precautions when repairing your iPad/Tablet.


- Screen Replacements

- Touch Not Registering

- Broken Headphone Jack

- LCD Replacements

- No Internet