PC Repair

PC/Laptop Running Slow

We have a wide variety of tools to help analyse your system.


- Malware Removal

- Virus Removal

- Registry Repair 

- Not Booting

- Blue Screen

- Pop Up Ads

- Website Redirecting, ect


Laptop Repair

Cracked Screen On Laptop

We repair all sorts of damaged laptops. 


 - Screen Replacement

 - Broken Keyboard

 - No Picture

 - Cosmetic Damages

 - Broken Hinges

 - No Backlight

 - Not Charging


PC Upgrades


Lets upgrade that PC that's slow or out of date or needs to be modernized 

- Ram Upgrade

- Most hard drive space

- SSD upgrade

- LED / RGB upgrades

- Bigger and better case


Custom Pc Build

Lets Build it for you

Tell us what's your dream PC and we will build it. Let us work with your budget.