PC's and Laptop Repair

           Free Diagnostics

Having issues with your computer? Not sure what's wrong? Let us check it out for free.


A proper diagnosis of your computer's issue is the most important step to resolving the problem at hand.



- PC Not Powering On 

- Windows Not Loading

- No Picture / Video

- No Internet

- Not Charging

PC running slow? Not booting up? Keeps Rebooting? No windows? You name it, we can fix it!

  Virus Removal, Clean up, Tune up

PC/Laptop Running Slow

We have a wide variety of tools to help analyse your system.


- Malware Removal

- Virus Removal

- Registry Repair 

- Not Booting

- Blue Screen

- Pop Up Ads

- Website Redirecting, ect

Cracked Screen. No Picture

Dropped your laptop? Cracked the screen? No picture showing? Let us fix it!

Cracked Screen On Laptop

We repair all sorts of damaged laptops. 


 - Screen Replacement

 - Broken Keyboard

 - No Picture

 - Cosmetic Damages

 - Broken Hinges

 - No Backlight

 - Not Charging